Transforming Your Wellbeing Journey with Intentions 

Written by Maliha Khan

May 2, 2024

Have you spent hours scrolling on Netflix looking for something to watch? Without intention, you can get lost in all the noise. Introducing LVL’s Intentions – what’s our intention? To make your wellbeing journey easier and keep you focused. 

Not sure where to start with your health? LVL Intentions can guide you. You can choose from 8 different intentions, including Getting Better Sleep, Finding Relaxation or just to Get Moving! We curate a 7-day custom plan with specific content based on your wellbeing objectives with reminders and prompts to help you stay accountable.

Here’s what you can expect:

Personalized Wellbeing Journey: Experience a personalized journey towards better wellbeing. Say goodbye to aimless browsing and hello to custom content recommendations based on your specific objectives.

Effortless Discovery: Whether you’re new to LVL or seeking guidance, our intention setting feature will help you discover curated content aligned with your goals, from improving sleep to finding relaxation or just getting active.

Low Investment: Fit intentions into your busy schedule effortlessly. Our intentions programs are designed with the working professional in mind, offering short sessions that can be completed in as little as 5 minutes. Prioritize your wellbeing without sacrificing valuable time.

Empowerment & Accountability: Take control of your wellbeing journey. By setting an intention and accessing tailored content you’ll feel empowered to make meaningful changes in your life while staying accountable. 

The Intentions:

  1. Burnout Reset: 10-minute guided meditations to reduce stress, increase focus, and restore balance
  2. Calm Your Mind: Unlock inner peace in 7 days. Dive into meditations and breathwork practices
  3. Cultivate Peaceful Sleep: Expert-led series of 5-minute journeys to help you rest better
  4. Daily Yoga Breaks: Elevate your energy and nourish your body with our uplifting daily yoga practice
  5. Eat Better: Spend 7 minutes daily for simple, actionable tips.
  6. Get Moving: Tailored activities, focus on strength & HIIT activities. Feel energized, ready to conquer goals.
  7. Habit Formation:  Embark on a transformative journey to build lasting healthy habits in just 7 minutes a day
  8. Overcome Stress & Anxiety: Gain practical tools in six days with Dr.. Illan Ben-Zion for resilience, embrace change, reclaim mental wellbeing

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