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Corporate employee wellness program

A holistic corporate wellbeing solution that puts your company’s physical and mental health first

When your team flourishes,
so does your entire organisation


Reduction in absenteeism, which results in improved operational efficiency and cost savings*

*Deloitte, 2022


The improvement in employee engagement. An engaged workforce increases overall satisifaction*

*Workhuman Analytics & Research Institute & IBM


Reported symptoms of poor mental health and physical wellbeing among Middle Eastern employees.*

*McKinsey Health Institute 2023

Empower through

We empower your organization’s wellness
through content, technology, and space

Our aim is to decrease employee burnout, increase employee engagement, and improve your company’s mental and physical health. We are more than a health tracker – our on-demand content offers a holistic wellbeing approach with workouts, yoga sessions, soundscapes, meditation breaks, posture workshops, practical skill webinars among many more. Our LVL Studios are the perfect space for wellness, co-working, and events.  

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Engage Employees

Create a thriving work culture

Improve Employee Retention

Manage work stress

Enhance employee satisfaction

Build an overall happier, healthier organization

Offer team-building opportunities

Improve employee mental & physical health

Reduce sick days

Increase productivity

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