Now you don’t have to choose between your career and your health.

Start your wellbeing journey with us and discover new ways to feel your best.

A holistic approach to peak performance

Rest. Stretch. Sweat. Learn. Draw. Grind. Recover. Meditate. Dance. Listen. Something for every member.

Wellbeing on your terms and timeline

LVL transforms the places we spend most of our time into launchpads for healthy habits. Now, a busy work day at home or the office, a lazy evening, or a boring commute can become a convenient opportunity to invest in your long-term wellbeing.

Here’s how we make it easier to Prioritize Well:

At Work

LVL is creating a world where taking time during a busy work day to invest in a healthy body and mind isn’t a professional liability, but a benefit. LVL is designed to advance both your health and your career by improving your productivity, professional relationships, and your long term wellbeing.

Hey, fancy joining a live session at lunch?

Sarah, 10:33am

Yes, count me in! 💪

Yemi, 10:38am

Art Session

with Erica

At Home

Access the full LVL experience from the convenience of your home on any of your devices. Go solo, or if you draw energy and inspiration from your friends and colleagues, connect with them for group sessions – the more, the merrier.

At Life

Long-term wellbeing means forming and maintaining healthy habits. That’s why LVL ensures you have the tools, content, and coaches you need at your fingertips, wherever you are. Log on to our app on your commute, a weekend away, or anytime you have a moment to level up your health.

Pre-Meeting Meditation

with Kayla

Welcome to your community

Your wellbeing journey is uniquely yours, but you’re never alone within the LVL community.