wherever, whenever, and however
for both you and your team

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Champion View

The next generation
of workplace wellbeing
at your fingertips

LVL Studios

Turn unused space within your
workplace into a space for holistic
wellbeing to lift, meditate, and
learn from

Book and host events in
professionally curated spaces

Additionally, access to world
class digital wellbeing studios

Champion Portal

Learn more about what your
team enjoys most, and where they may need support

Gain live insight on the wellbeing
of your team and sub-teams
from a powerful dashboard

Create your own segmentation
within the platform to measure
the success of your internal

Tailored Exclusive Live Events

Live Events in either virtual
or in-person settings, location

Curated sessions for you and your
team based on app data to
achieve the goals set by you and
your organization