Introducing the all-new

LVL Wellbeing App

Featuring a new, improved user experience that makes it easier and more enjoyable to prioritize, plan, and invest in your wellbeing.


Now, it’s easier than ever to

Prioritize Well

We’ve redesigned the LVL Wellbeing app from the ground-up to offer you an even better experience. Now, faster and smoother access is just a click away, whenever you need it, wherever you are. That’s not all. Our uncompromising focus on delightful and intuitive wellbeing experiences aims to remove all barriers for our members, allowing you to get moving, meditating, learning – on any of your devices, whenever the inspiration strikes. 

New App, New Content for Your

Body, Mind, Pursuits

We’ll have new programs for you to follow such as stress management, learn how to meditate, and daily movement. Our live schedule of events will cover more time zones to make it more convenient for you to prioritize your wellbeing, and our on-demand library will continue to grow even faster. 






Your Body


Stretch from your desk, join a HIIT class, or anything in between. There’s something for all bodies.







Your Mind


Be kind to your mind, take advantage of an ever-expanding range of mindfulness activities.







Your Pursuits


Set goals, stay on track whilst expanding your personal and professional skills.


Need Support? 

If you need support logging in, we’re here to help!