6 Affordable Corporate Team-Building Activities in Dubai: Fun Experiences to Boost Employee Engagement and Improve Work Culture

Written by Maliha Khan

January 23, 2024

If you’re looking to build a healthy company culture, a stronger, more connected workforce, and increase employee engagement, corporate team-building activities are a great place to start! No matter your organization’s size, team-building experiences can enhance overall organizational success and contribute to corporate growth and profitability. We break down company activities from most expensive to least expensive and how they can help your team. 

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Team Building Activities Under AED 250 Per Person

1. Yacht Party

The exclusivity and luxury associated with a yacht create a shared experience, fostering a sense of unity among team members.  The opportunity enhances camaraderie, fosters a positive team culture, and provides a memorable experience for the organization.

2. Desert Safari

The relaxed atmosphere, combined with scenic views allows an informal experience for teams to get closer and get to know each other.

Team Building Activities Under AED 150 Per Person

1. Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms offer a highly collaborative and engaging team-building experience that challenges teams to work together towards a common goal. This corporate activity tests decision-making, collaboration, problem-solving, and communication.

2. Outdoor adventure course

Are an effective team-building tool, fostering communication, trust, problem-solving, and leadership skills while creating amazing memories and contributing to improved team morale and motivation.

Team Building Activities Under AED 75 Per Person

1. Team Workouts

Team Workouts positively impact every organization, physically and mentally. They lead to endorphin release, stress relief, promote health and wellness, build trust, enhance communication, and have the organization working towards a common goal. 

2. Community Service

Community Service fosters a sense of shared purpose and collaboration among team members while making a positive impact on the community. Working together on service projects builds empathy, enhances communication, and reinforces the value of teamwork, creating a cohesive and socially responsible team.


Activity Team-Building Impact Approximate Cost in Dubai (AED) Per Person
Yacht party Unity, team cohesion < 250
Desert safari Camaraderie, culture exposure < 250
Escape rooms Decision-making, collaboration, problem-solving, and communication,  < 150
Outdoor adventure course Communication, trust, problem-solving, and leadership skills  < 150
Team workouts Stress management, physical & mental wellbeing, team cohesion, goal-setting < 75
Community service Shared purpose, collaboration <

Looking for the most budget-friendly way to engage your employees? We can build a solution tailored to your organization’s team-building needs. Choose from curated workshops run by industry leaders, meditations, yoga sessions, art therapy sessions or workouts, we have the perfect cost-effective solution for your organization! 

“We got a lot of employees interested in a variety of activities {that LVL has to offer} that they weren’t expecting would be interested (this is a great thing!). Thanks to that, our employees now know what themes are popular and what to offer to increase employee engagement.”

Gabi Friedman

Learning and Development Manager, Motivate Media

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