Embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation with our new Wellbeing Index

Written by Eva @ LVL

February 22, 2024

As a LVL Member, you now have the compass to navigate your mental and physical wellbeing, personal growth, and social connection with our latest feature, Wellbeing Index. A comprehensive tool designed to empower you on your journey towards holistic wellbeing.

We believe that true wellness goes beyond mere fitness; it’s about understanding, embracing, and enhancing every facet of your life.

Jenna Poste

Head of Product, LVL Wellbeing

Completing the Wellbeing Index via the LVL app enables you to regularly reflect on your wellbeing and monitor progress over time.

Unlike traditional assessments that merely gauge current states, our Wellbeing Index delves deeper, prompting you to reflect on your mental wellbeing, physical health, personal growth and social connection. By assessing yourself across each wellbeing pillar, and envisioning where you aspire to be, you can gain valuable insights into your wellbeing aspirations, bridging the gap between your current state and desired outcomes, while celebrating when you are surpassing those outcomes.

The Components 

That make up your Wellbeing Index Score

The Benefits 

Empower Your Wellbeing

You’ll be able to reflect on how you’re doing with respect to your mental wellbeing, physical movement, personal growth, connection to your community, and overall wellness while setting personal goals for them all!

Keep On Track With Your Progress

Every month, you’ll be prompted to check in on your progress. In time, you’ll be able to track your progress and celebrate your achievements while also finding areas to focus on.

Find Content Tailored For You

Your experience on LVL will become a lot more intuitive and seamless. Find content suggestions based on your profile tailored to help you reach your goals, without having to dig for what you’re looking for.

Are you a LVL Member?

Download the latest app today to get your personalized LVL Wellbeing Index Score.

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