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We have a simple mission at LVL:

To elevate the wellbeing journeys of our members and partner communities.

And it’s our remarkable team who make it happen.

Impact people's wellbeing

Contribute to our members’ wellbeing. Every single day.

Help develop a first-class app

Make a real difference. Develop something you’re proud of.

Achieve a work-life balance

It’s not only encouraged, but also celebrated.

Love what you do

Wake up and feel like going to work. Do epic things with a bunch of passionate people!

We’re committed to working with the best, be it in product development, software engineering, marketing, culture, business development, finance or leadership. We’re committed to being a workplace where everyone can grow, be their authentic self and by doing so, help us create genuine impact in the employee and corporate wellbeing space.

Current Vacancies

Chief Revenue Officer

Location: Dubai
Job Type: Full-time
Start Date: Jan 2023

Content & Talent Executive

Location: Dubai
Job Type: Full-time
Start Date: Jan 2023

Graphic Designer

Location: Dubai
Job Type: Full-time
Start Date: Jan 2023

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When COVID hit it was a challenge to find an impactful solution to pull our newly distributed teammates together, we tried numerous apps and hacks with no resounding solution that could pull everyone in. I joined LVL in August 2021 to help build the wellbeing solution for teams that was inclusive to an entire team’s diverse wellbeing interests that hinged on enhancing team interaction and overall comradeship. Wellbeing means different things to different people and it is incredibly exciting to be building from the ground up, a wellbeing solution for everyone!

Michael Hunter
Chief Information Officer, Canada


In June 2019 I started my journey with Switch & Co, little did I know; life’s purpose & vision could really be fulfilled through a job! In June 2020 Covid hit, many changes had to happen and I lost my job. Sad story, right?! Hmmm partially, but not really! To have a call back 9 months later from your last employer saying that they are ready & want to have you back is one indescribable feeling indeed! End of story?! Nope! At LVL I have the opportunity to grow in my career and keep levelling up in my professional and personal growth! Love the team and the culture of leading by example and truly caring about each other’s wellbeing.

Sara Soli
Sr Client Success Manager, Dubai



After many years working in the corporate world, I asked myself: what’s the ONE company whose purpose 100% aligns with mine? I’ve been following LVL for a couple of years, so I knew this is where I wanted to be. I knew I wanted to work at a place where I can combine my corporate experience with my passions. Where I can grow, learn new skills, have fun with my team and ultimately impact other people’s wellbeing in a positive way – it feeds my soul. I love waking up in the morning and going to work. And that’s why LVL!

Ewa Golan
Head of Engagement, Dubai


We look forward to hearing from you & for like-minded, epic people to join Team LVL!

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