Boosting Wellbeing Routine Consistency at Motivate with LVL

Written by Eva @ LVL

January 23, 2024

Industry: Media

Company size: 160+ employees


Motivate’s employees struggled with maintaining consistency in their wellbeing routines. The company recognized the need for a diverse range of wellness activities that could cater to different interests and encourage regular participation.


Motivate adopted LVL Wellbeing’s platform, which offered a wide range of wellness activities, particularly the Exclusive Live Sessions (ELS).

These sessions covered various topics and introduced employees to new experiences such as pilates and sound therapy, ensuring a diverse and engaging wellness experience. Implementing LVL Wellbeing’s platform at Motivate yielded significant improvements in employee engagement and wellbeing.

The variety of activities, particularly the Exclusive Live Sessions (ELS), saw high participation, revealing key interests for further program development.

Despite initial onboarding challenges, the platform gained smooth adoption, with ELS receiving high praise for their diverse topics and quality coaching.


Exclusive Live Sessions introduced new wellness practices like pilates and sound therapy, enriching employees’ experiences and contributing to a more balanced lifestyle. Overall, the partnership with LVL Wellbeing effectively enhanced the consistency and diversity of wellbeing practices at Motivate.

Suganya Rajkumar

Assistant Manager - HR & Administration, Motivate

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