How LVL helped Cigna Healthcare increase its Wellness Offering and Retain Clients

Written by Eva @ LVL

January 23, 2024

Industry: Insurance

Company size: 120,000 employees in 94 countries


Increase holistic wellness among Cigna’s employees and provide a tier 3 bespoke wellness program to their own private clients. Show the value wellness brings to the organization from a financial, business, marketing, and reputation standpoint 


LVL offered a range of services, including live and on-demand sessions across eight pillars of wellbeing, as well as physical LVL spaces for a comprehensive wellness experience. The content was designed to drive member behavior change and differentiate Cigna from other insurance providers.

Cigna saw a return on their investment when they recently celebrated its first sub-organization renewal, where a client upgraded to the LVL program and chose to retain the services. The internal team at Cigna has embraced the program, with sales and client managers incorporating wellness into their client sessions and using the platform to understand how to sell it to clients.

We have seen an new joiner increase of 52% which equates to over 1,000 members since Jan 2023


The LVL platform is fantastic. The fact that LVL captures all the content in-house is an excellent feature. The joint Wellbeing Wednesdays by Cigna as well as onsite events are so well managed by LVL, always featuring subject matter experts. The feedback is always great, that they are good world-class speakers in their field.

Walid Bajjani

Wellness Product Owner, Cigna Healthcare

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