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Meet the experts guiding you and your team on the path to 
physical, mental, financial and emotional wellbeing

Personal Growth

Body & Movement


Kai Simmons

Burnout and Mindset Coach

Kai empowers ambitious professionals and
entrepreneurs, dismantling burnout, anxiety,
and stress, and restoring equilibrium through
purpose-driven transformation.

Health & Wellness


Paul Butler

Lifestyle Financial Planner

With two decades of expertise, Paul Butler
pioneers lasting financial security with joyful guidance.
A harbinger of empowered financial futures, he propels
lasting transformation.

Leadership Skills


Dave Gibson

Stress Management and Sleep Coach

Meet David, a qualified hypnotherapist mastering sleep,
stress, and weight management. With over 20 years in
London-based practice and a BSC (1st class) in Osteopathy,
he delivers transformative expertise.

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