Stay Active, Earn Rewards!

Cigna Healthguard and LVL Wellbeing have formed an exciting partnership, giving you exclusive access to the LVL platform.

Stay active to earn a discount on your insurance renewal with hundreds of on-demand videos and virtual live events for your body, mind and pursuits. The added bonus? Extend free invitations to friends & family so that you can prioritize your wellbeing together.

Revitalize Your Work Life

Unwind Anytime, Anywhere

Find tranquility amid chaos. With our app, access guided mindfulness sessions and quick relaxation exercises right from your desk. Take a break without leaving your workspace.

Boost Productivity with Mindful Breaks

Say goodbye to the endless grind. Incorporate short, rejuvenating breaks into your day. Revitalize your mind and return to work with newfound focus and energy.

Connect & Share Successes

Join a community of like-minded individuals on the same journey. Share your achievements, seek advice, and be inspired by others. Together, we’ll foster a culture of wellbeing.

Unlock your Full Potential

Our live sessions, guided by industry experts, offer a comprehensive approach to wellbeing, covering vital dimensions such as financial wellness, nutrition insights, self-development strategies, and mental health support in real-time. Tune in, ask questions, and immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge designed to elevate both your professional and personal life.

Track your progress, Celebrate Achievements

Witness your transformation. Track your wellness journey, celebrate small victories, and watch as your resilience grows. Your wellbeing is not just a goal; it’s a continuous, rewarding journey.

Ready to redefine
your work-life balance?

Experience a workplace where your wellbeing is not just prioritized but celebrated.

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