Employee Wellness.

Improve work culture

Your employees will be better able to manage their wellbeing: mental, physical, financial or social

Make data-driven decisions

Deliver a greater, more measurable return on investment, driven by data

Improve retention

32% of employees in the UK plan to change employers in 2024 (Boston Consulting Group, 2024)

“Within less than six months of launching the program, FTI Consulting achieved a 50% adoption rate, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Gabi Friedman

Learning and Development Manager, FTI Consulting

in the workplace

With LVL your employees will be better able to manage their wellbeing – whether that’s mental, physical, financial or social.


UK adults experienced high or extreme stress in the past year

Source :Mental Health UK, 2024


of UK employees are actively engaged at work

Source: Gallup, 2023


working adults needed to take time off work in the past year due to poor mental health caused by pressure or stress,

Source: Mental Health UK, 2024

So much more than a Wellbeing App

employee wellbeing

Gain real-time data
Get a pulse on the 4 Pillars of wellbeing, leveraging the insights from each pillar.

Strategise accordingly
Create strategies to raise the overall wellbeing of your organisations.

Better understand
your employees

Gain live insights
on the wellbeing of your team and sub-teams from a powerful dashboard.

Understand employee sentiment
With our Pulse Widget, so you can make informed decisions.

Access to
wellbeing studios

Access our Wellness Hubs
Gain access to our world-class digital wellbeing LVL Studios

Create your own Hubs
Turn unused space within your workplace into a space for holistic wellbeing to lift, meditate, and learn from – in-person.

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