Fully immersive wellbeing experience

Help employees leave the office, without leaving the office


Breadth of wellbeing content

Space and experience changes with the session – 100s of sessions available; something for everyone


Turn it into an office/ event space when needed or a space to harness creativity in a way a traditional office doesn’t

Bringing Employees Closer

Can work out with teams in other buildings & countries

Instructor Free Platform

No need to bring instructors into the office or have people managing the space for you

Data & Insights

Utilization tracked so employees can manage their wellbeing journey and employers can gain real time insights

An immersive, fully integrated experience.

The operating system of the space that takes the digital session – either selected or scheduled – from the LVL App and transforms that into an immersive experience. It captures valuable space utilization data and allows employees to track their studio session participation as part of their wellbeing journey on the LVL App.

LED lighting strips programmed to bounce with the sessions, taking the colour feel from the screen and expressing it throughout the room

Surround sound system to help employees lose themselves into the wellbeing vibe

LED wall, HD screens or projector delivers crystal clear wellbeing content from the LVL App

Control Surface
The space is operated (session playing, schedule, check in/out) through an iPad Air with pre-loaded LVL core controls.

2 Way Camera
All studios allow for 2 way Live sessions/transformation into town hall/meeting space through fitting of a camera

What our members say

“Before getting access to LVL’s digital studio I struggled to fit in exercise during a busy and often hectic work schedule. Now that I take more regular breaks from work to use the studio, it has definitely impacted my ability to work more productively.

Doing my favourite HIIT or yoga sessions at LVL Downtown’s digital studio increases my energy levels and helps me focus! The facilities are excellent and the digital workouts are easy to set up on screen without any technical difficulties.

It is also SO convenient to be able to fit in a quick workout at any time of the day. I’m healthier and happier! Want to say a big thank you to all those at LVL, everyone I have encountered has been so helpful and positive. Give it a go – you won’t regret it!

Celia Johnson-Morgan, Associate, DLA Piper MENA

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Not a LVL Member wanting to learn more?

Today I had the pleasure of using the LVL studio to do a virtual workout which was absolutely amazing.

I’m sweating a lot, but it’s all worth it. The team were very professional and welcoming. Thanks a lot to Ewa and Brian for the great hospitality.

Let’s all make mental and physical wellness a priority in these demanding times. Remember to always get in a quick workout, too much time in the office without a break is not worth it in the long run. Choose health and let the LVL team show you how!!

Bino Rasedisa, Regional Head at Standard Chartered Bank

Absolutely love the space! It’s incredibly convenient and being able to do on the demand work classes works so well (great being able to choose between yoga, HIIT, meditation depending on your mood). The team is amazing – especially Brian and Ewa. Highly recommend!

Kareena Tralongo, Associate at DLA Piper Middle East

I have been attending virtual classes at the LVL studio and I love it. The staff is super kind and professional, the content great, and the trainers are very engaging and personable, even via screen. I would love for my company to provide this platform to all employees!!

Stella Marcazzan, FAB