LVL Digital
Wellbeing Studios

Looking for an innovative workplace wellbeing solution? LVL Studio is located in the
heart of Dubai’s Downtown district and is the perfect space for wellness, co-working,
and events. LVL Wellbeing Members and community can come together to
collaborate, engage, workout in the digital studio and work! 

An immersive, fully integrated experience


LED lighting strips programmed to move with the sessions, taking the colour feel from the screen and expressing it throughout the room.


Surround sound system to help employees immerse themselves in the wellbeing experience


LED wall, HD screens or a projector delivers crystal clear wellbeing content from the LVL App

Control Surface

The space is operated (session playing, schedule, check-in/out) through an iPad Air with pre-loaded LVL core controls

2 Way Camera

All studios allow for 2-way live sessions/transformation into town hall/meeting space through fitting of a camera

Hear from our members

Let’s talk wellbeing at work

Let us show you how we enable 1000’s of employees to live a healthier and happier life.

In this demo, you’ll see how LVL Wellbeing can help your company:

Engage Employees

Create a thriving work culture

Improve Employee Retention

Manage work stress

Enhance employee satisfaction

Build an overall happier, healthier organization

Offer team-building opportunities

Improve employee mental & physical health

Reduce sick days

Increase productivity

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