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Sam Harvey joined us this year as Chief People & Culture Officer, however his talents run deeper than the day to day P&C function. Sam leads his own team performance coaching business, Braver Leaders and shares his content regularly on the LVL platform. Here is a sneak peek into his “Creating the Foundations of a High-Performing Team” program on LVL Platform that teaches leaders  exactly what they need to do to achieve a high-performing team and how to empower their teams to make better decisions, boost and encourage motivation, without stress, lack of trust or feeling like a failure.

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2. The Power of Empathy in the Workplace

Feel the Magic of the Festive Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly—and if you’re looking for a way to add joy to your daily routine, we’ve got plenty of festive sessions for you!

How to Create a Mercury Bauble

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Here’s how we make it easier to Prioritize Well:

Wellbeing Streamed

Deploy world class health and wellbeing programming to your staff with the flick of a switch. Our roster of top notch coaches provide guidance to your team via live, on-demand and interactive content. We understand that self-care looks different to everyone. Our always-on programming is designed with a holistic approach to health promotion covering a full spectrum of disciplines for the mind and body.

Connect anytime, anywhere.

Team stretch digital studio session at LVL Downtown, Dubai

Engagement Redefined

Engagement and wellbeing complement one another in powerful ways. Wellbeing programming involving team-based and cooperative activities has been shown to improve adherence and outcomes. By empowering your team to come together around healthy, pro-social activities, you are helping to foster new opportunities for deeper connections that enhance the long-term health and productivity of your team.

Reality Checked

In a post-pandemic world, the reality of work will look vastly different. Management and employees will be grappling with a balance between remote and in-person work. Our one-of-a-kind platform provides a flexible solution that helps turn underutilized office space into real-world hubs of wellbeing and community for employees. And, by connecting these physical spaces to your virtual employees we provide an opportunity for everyone to benefit from LVL’s wellbeing programming. In the process, communities are built in new and interesting ways that reflect the reality of your team’s hybrid work environment. 

Corporate Wellbeing Space, Standard Chartered Singapore

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